A new elegance for your home

Add this outdoor beauty to your home. The soft tones of spring set off this design by Karen Pennington, painted by Bill Turri in Memphis Tennesse.

Faux Finishes by Bill Turri in Germantown Tennessee

I've been doing a lot of Faux Fishes lately. A lot of Marbleizing and wragged finishes. A lot of neutral colors like tan, beige, soft browns, and taupes. People seem to being staying with natural colors. The best combination right now is still soft golds, rusts, sages, with a lot of contrast Blacks and Dark Granite. You can always dress up your room with a soft leather or parchment. or .

Add a Beautiful Mural to your children’s room by Bill Turri

I love lifesize animals and objects painted in a childs room. I painted a Wild Animal Mural in A Child's Bedroom to show the tans and brown accents throughout the room interior. It was real enough looking that it satisfied the child for a lot of his childhood and into his teens. As long as you keep the colors neutral, it should only help in the resale of the house.

University of Memphis Tigers: Brand Colors

Approved color usage for the University's brands allows for several options in print production. The brands should always appear in one of the color configurations shown below using the approved colors PMS 877, PMS 423, Pantone Process Black, and PMS 280. Altering colors or changing color combinations is prohibited. Logos reproduced using process colors (or screen values of spot colors) require 120 line screen or higher. Any lower line screen reproduction requires use of one-color, no screen version of logo in black or PMS 280. Colors used on University Web templates are blue #0A1691, gray #CBCBCB and gold #CC9933. Please note that these colors do not match exactly with the PMS colors for the logo. Source:

Memphis Tigers hire new Football Coach

Memphis hired TCU co-offensive coordinator Justin Fuente on Thursday to take  over the Tigers’ struggling football program. The 35-year-old Fuente, who has spent the past three seasons leading the  Horned Frogs’ offense, was introduced at a news conference. He will be paid  $900,000 in 2012 as part of a five-year contract. The Tigers fired coach Larry Porter after their season-ending 44-7 to  eventual Conference USA champion Southern Miss on Nov. 26. Porter was 3-21 in  two seasons as head coach of his alma mater.
“We’re going to run this program as a family,” said Fuente, whose wife and  two daughters, ages 3 and 2 months, attended the news conference. “Families are  honest. Families work hard. Families get results together.” Fuente said he plans to make practices accessible to the media -- something  Porter did not do -- and speak at any Boy Scout or Kiwanis Club event that he is  invited to as he tries to bring fans back to the program. “I’m going to go out and beat pots and pans in the street if I have to,” Fuente said