Tennessee Sportsmen Affected by Legislative Bills

Tennessee Sportsmen Affected by Legislative Bills


Highly-controversial bill which would allow commercial
“farming” of whitetailed deer in Tennessee. TWRA and TWF, along with several
other groups, have campaigned aggressively against this bill sponsored by Rep.
Frank Nicely.

to make it legal to spotlight at night in an attempt to “locate” deer, provided
you are not actually “hunting.” Currently in Tennessee it is illegal to
spotlight deer at anytime for any reason. Wildlife officers say that allowing
people to spotlight deer for fun makes it significantly more difficult to catch
illegal deer poachers.HB0903
Requires TWRA to “promote
commercial fishing,” especially for paddlefish roe, Paddlefish roe is sold for
caviar and according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, one female can be
worth up to $700 for a commercial fisherman. However the USFWS is closely
monitoring populations that they say are declining dramatically. HB0903 follows
great controversy in Tennessee over commercial fishing for paddlefish in certain
areas… and commercial fisherman have filed a lawsuit over the matter.HB0113
Authorizes hunting for wild boar in Overon County
year-round. HB0947 removes any license requirement for hunting wild boar. Of
course one problem with those bills is that it would make deer poaching easier.
Anyone could be walking around in the woods in Overton County with a high
powered rifle, and without a license, and simply tell wildlife officers they are
hunting wild boar.HB1024
Authorizes TWRA to enter into
partnership agreements with nonprofit organizations to place advertising on
“certain” agency vehicles and vessels.
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